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Birthdate:Jul 24
I'm an experienced Linux sysadmin and Perl/Python developer, just coming out of unemployment and about to start a new job.

Formerly had a reputation as a Caffeine junkie. Have cut down somewhat but the reputation seems to have stuck.

I'm a geek by nature and love to learn random things about random things.

In 2004 I had a cancer scare, but it all turned out well in the end. You can read the story summary or the individual entries. I don't mind talking about it in the least (I was part of a TV documentary shown in February 2005), so don't feel shy about asking if curious.


Add N To (X), A Perfect Circle, Gene, The Cranberries, The Levellers, Suede, Sigur Ros, Placebo, Muse, Zero 7, Air, The Counting Crows, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Belle And Sebastian, VNV Nation, Camera Obscura


Eating habits, likes and dislikes explained here.
Fancy sharing a pizza? - use this tool to enter your preferred ingredients and see how they compare with mine
I love to cook, especially for groups of people. I've arranged some recipes of mine and other people and eventually hope to move them into a seperate website.


Fruit juice (especially Tropicana's breakfast juice and citcrus juices in general)
Caffeine (coke, pepsi,irn bru, mountain dew, jolt) - I usually buy the rarer stuff from
Alcohol - seldom. I drink maybe 10 units per year but go long stretches of sobriety. When I do drink though, I like vokda, gin and sweet flavoured spirits (baileys, kahlua, triplesec, bols blue, cointreau)


Blog Code: B9 d+ t- k++ s- u- f- i- o+/++ x++ e++ l- c-
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In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.


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  • a caffiene addict -- kingginger
  • an interesting guy who rocks -- linusx1
  • a caffeine junkie -- twotwenty
  • a big old fluffy badger -- zimpenfish
  • the kind of guy who posts links which damage your eyes and stunt your growth. -- distressme
  • one of the sweetest guys I know -- griffen
  • a cute, imaginatively sick, poptastically-inclined, bi geek boy with attitude! (but not ENOUGH attitude, by far!!) -- kerrykat
  • Kind, thoughtful and stunningly sexy -- kelemvor
  • special -- mhw
  • weighs less than his boots -- adjectivemarcus
  • a new mate :) -- sheeshkebab
  • a froody kinda guy — dineleeeee
  • the matthew with the mostest — tax
  • A bit tickly — trishpiglet
  • Amazingly warm and wonderful in a million ways. We love him loads! — ruth_sedina
  • Extraordinarily attractive and, perhaps unfortunately, fluffy as an extremely fluffy thing. — duranorak
  • Quiet, however, in my experience, it's always the quiet ones you have to watch!! — poannie
  • Responsible for making sure that I'll never look at an eel in the same light again :-| — hieroglyphe
  • the sweetest man, with the loveliest, fluffiest hair :) — northerncutie
  • absolutely beautiful...*mwahness* — darkgoddesskim
  • preferred by 8 out of 10 cats. — bluehelen
  • Delightfully snugglable with a hint of squee. — tartful_dodger
  • A rare beauty of the cutest hue — this_j_observes

Interests (149):

1980s cartoons, abnormal psychology, air, algorithms,, androgyny, apache httpd, arcade fire, assemblage 23, badly drawn boy, baguettes, bell ringing, belle and sebastian, ben and jerrys, bi pride, bicon, biphoria, bisexuality, black, british sign language, caffeine, campanology, cancer, candlelight, cats, chinese food, chocolate, community activities, conway's life, cooking, counting crows, covenant, crime prevention, cuddles, curry, deaf awareness, deafness, electronics, esperanto, etymology, extreme weather, fighting biphobia, fighting homophobia, fighting racism, filth, flying light aircraft, foreign languages, french, friends of froo, garlic, geeks, gender, german, grammar, grandaddy, grapefruit, hate crimes, hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian, hugging, ice cream, interesting hair, jake the rake, james, kay dekker, kittens, knife play, knitting, languages, latin, law, lightning, linguistics, linux, live music, livejournal, logic, london, long hair, long words, looking at the stars, losing the hyphen, manchester, maps, mathematics, meeting new people, mental health, minimalist music, monty python, morse code, neurofibromatosis, non-sexual intimacy, number theory, numbers, o'reilly books, pedantry, penguin cafe orchestra, people-watching, pepsi, perl, pi, piercings, placebo, polyamory, programming, public transport infrastructure, purple, rain, restraint, rubik's cube, s2, satire, security, sensory deprivation, sensuality, sexuality, shibari, sigur rós, silver, silver jewelry, sitting under bridges, snakeboards, snogging, snuggling, spicy food, starring in c4 documentaries, steak, storms, stormy weather, suede, tattoos, the golden ratio, the levellers, the moldy peaches, the night sky, the shawshank redemption, thunderstorms, u2, unaxcess, undulatory motion, unusual words, usenet, vanilla, vi, vnv nation, voting systems, wax, whitby, wikipedia, word play
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